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Rome is the heart of Italy, as you can hear the pounding of the lively atmopshere throughout the streets. Lazio holds some of the most famous historic sites in the world. This is why it is a must go to destination. No matter what age or intrests you have, Lazio contains it all. From the local cuisine, operas, theatres, shops, culture and history to the glorious beaches, a holiday park in Lazio means you can enjoy many different experiences. 

With the mediterranean weather, there is no where else better to be apart from Lazio. Lazio is filled with holiday parks, lodges and campsites that will make your experience rememberable as they are located near all the main attractions, therefore, it makes it easier to travel round.



No matter which Lazio holiday park you are staying at, Rome is not to be missed. It is basically the largest open air museum in the world with spectacular reminders of the Roman Empire. From the Coliseum to the Vatican, Rome is a treasure trove waiting to be explored. Some of the most popular sights include:

  • Spanish Steps
  • Piazza Novona
  • Via del Corso - the most famous shopping street in Rome
  • Trevi Fountain


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Civitavecchia is a small coastal town, with a port and a beautiful beach. It is a great day out in summer to explore with the family. Civitavecchia is known for its monuments and archelogical sites, such as

  • Fort Michelangelo
  • The taurine baths
  • The marina and the Pirgo 

Civitavecchia's old town center is the core of the Medieval district. You will find traditional local dishes near by along with a varity of holiday parks and campsites, which will please all.


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Villa Borghese

Vila Borghese is a warm botanical garden in Rome. It with holds a varity of buildings, museums and other magnetisms. It is a public park, therefore, you don't need to pay! However, if you are wanting to go into the museums you may have too. Vila Borghese takes you out of relaity and gives you a complete different experience that you will find in the city. It is a relaxing, peaceful place, as this will match the atmosphere at your holiday park. While you are there you can go canoeing and hire boats to go around the lakes. Going to Vila Borghese in May to September would be a perfect time to go as the majority of the holiday parks are open all year round and you will be able to continue your relaxation on the coast overlooking the ocean. 

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