Park Homes for sale in lake District

Park Homes for Sale in Lake District

Own a Park Home today in the Lake District

Owning a park home in the Lake District can only be described as a very unique and relaxing experience. Many parks offer a wide selection of stunning 2 and 3 bedroom park homes in beautiful locations. Some residential parks are set on the edges of the Lake District coastline and other arenestled in the  hills and valleys of the countryside where you will enjoy stunning views across the rolling hills and fields of the Lake District.

These days, buying a park home on a residential park does not necessariy mean that all the owners are past retirement age - far from it. Many of the residential park operators now offer parks for over 45s or over 55s recognising the trend that many people are swapping their traditional bricks and mortar homes at a younder age, and moving into a like minded community. The added benefit is that buying a park home often releases capital from selling your main home giving you more freedom and flexibility to do what you want, when you want. Some residential park operators have the ability to buy your house at market value so you don't even have to put it on the market.